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Enough Already

Oh, I just realized that you probably thought I was going to be talking about Peter Walsh's show on OWN. *laughs* I'm so sorry, but that's all I am planning to say about that show! I spend time each day pondering interactions, trying to understand my actions and thoughts, as well as those around me. It's exhausting! But it seems rather ingrained in me, as if I have already spent my whole life doing these things. But my desire to understand myself and others has morphed over the last couple of years. Where at one time I spent all my time second guessing my actions and fearing what others thought of me and if they were offended or angry at me, I now just try to make sense of who I am and how people interact with each other. Being the deeply self-reflecting person that I am, and trying to really discover and embrace who I am, I have spent many hours working on overcoming the pain from my childhood, and the ripples into adulthood the original pebbles caused to spread ou

If only life had a "Like" button

Last night, when I checked into Facebook, I noticed that I had 15 notifications. I thought that especially high considering I'd be online not three hours before. I wondered as I looked at the bright red notification flag what event sparked my suddenly popularity.

Another dirty word...depression

I keep going back and forth on whether to write this...but I think my fear should be overcome. Plus, I believe that if I can do this, there's a possibility that someone else may benefit from my honesty, no matter how painful.