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A sampling of hope

In a recent conversation with a friend, I shared my decision to walk away from some experiences that I felt obligated previously to be a part of. I explained to my friend that although I cared deeply about these people and our shared experiences, I knew that I must choose my overall health over helping from time to time. That's what establishing and practicing healthy boundaries is all about. As the child of dysfunction, the larger part of me wants to stay and help at any cost to myself or others. I want to make a difference, to make others happy. People pleasing is such an easy practice for the child of dysfunction. And I battle this daily. Basically, I summed the situation up: "You can sell hope, but not everybody's buying." It's catchy, isn't it? But upon deeper reflection, it's not really selling at all. It's Saturday afternoon and we're headed for the BIG families' favorite store, Costco. Since it's Saturday, it's crowded thro