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My oldest daughter is starting 10th grade this year, and she is considering colleges and what she wants to do for a career. This exercise took me back to my own years in high school, and college prep. And I quickly realized that I am ill-prepared for so much. I took the SATs in sixth or seventh grade and did exceptionally well. In high school, I took the PSATs, and judging from the college literature I received, I must have done well. I regularly got mail from MIT, Duke, and other fine  colleges. I secretly decided that no school within a 12 hour drive would work. I had to get out, and far away as possible. I took the ACTs because all the church colleges I was considering required the ACTs in addition to the SATs. It didn't seem like I'd need both. I didn't know how well I had done until some 10 years later when a community college admissions counselor called to ask me if I had meant to have my scores sent to them. Apparently, community colleges don't get

Blessed to be me

I had a recent phone conversation with another COH, and it led me to ponder the exhilarating and terrifying ride my life has been over the last two years, since I CHOSE to help my mother and be in her life in a major way. And I had only one thought, over and over: I have been so blessed! I love and serve God, but sometimes I don't understand why He chooses to work things out the way He does. I know people who lived long lives in pain, while I've known youngster who died suddenly. I've seen families suffer for years, while others seem to be raking in the blessings. I don't understand it. But I trust in this: Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17) And I realize that I've gotten more than my fair share. I'm humbled eternally by that knowledge.  Thank you, Father.