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Tough Times

I started this blog with the promise that I would be honest, transparent, and real in hopes that God could use my life and experiences to encourage and lift others up. And yet, over the past couple of months, I've held something back. A big something. It's no secret that our country is struggling financially. You can't turn on the news without hearing about a rising unemployment rate, foreclosures at a record high, etc., etc. It's everywhere. I want to tell you that my lack of admission about things in my world is related to not propagating doomsday predictions by those in the world, ignoring the Biblical promises given to the Children called by His name, Christ Jesus. I really want to tell you that and for it to be true. But it's not. At least not completely true. It may have started there, but now it has morphed into a much larger beast--a thing that wants to destroy me, my family, my peace, my joy. Withholding this has become an issue of pride. I don't