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Like in a Fun House..Only not so Fun

When you were a kid, did you ever go into a fun house with all those crazy mirrors? One transformed you from   a petite child of 4'2" into a child the height of an NBA star, yet another made you resemble the figure of the Pillsbury dough boy, and another appeared to give you a perfect hourglass figure. It was fun, but temporary. When you left the immediate area, you were still the same person as you had been before you entered the fun house and glanced into those mirrors. No matter how silly you felt before the mirrors, you could walk away and return to "normal". Or perhaps, if you were like me, with issues about your body, you enjoyed the few moments of "correction" and were sad to see it end and return to the same old, not-quite-what-you'd-hoped-for "me".

I challenge you...

I challenge each and every one of you to do this! Just follow the steps below...we can have a voice...for free! 1.  Go to: Enter your zipcode. 2 . Click on a  provider's name . In my example, I used zipcode 99205, and chose Michael Chessar Counseling Services. This took me to his listing page, where I clicked on the link: "Email us" under contact info. This will open a new page. 3.  Enter your name (If you are concerned about being can use the standard format from recovery groups--for me, Ceci G). Use of email address and phone number are encouraged, but at your discretion. 4.  I've written this simple script with links to the research article and the online table of questions. You can change it if you want: I'm adult child who was raised in a hoarded home. I live in your area, and yet, I feel invisible. Did you know that a research study has been conducted a

Have you checked out the group webpage?

This isn't really supposed to be about shameless, self promotion, but I want to make sure that my readers here know about Adult Children of Hoarders Spokane's webpage . It's nothing fancy, but I'm working to add links for local professionals (organizers, counselors, social workers). At this point the group is just me and some empty chairs, but it has afforded me the opportunity to speak to professional groups who might have clients who would benefit from the group. LOGO, Adult Children of Hoarders Spokane Please stop by, check it out, and bookmark it. We continue to meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, and will continue to do so until we have no room or I pass on...whichever comes first. Thanks for your support, my fine readers!