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Tomorrow--Women of Faith in Spokane!

So I know you're probably on the verge of being sick of hearing about it, but I am so incredibly excited to have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Women of Faith Over The Top conference here in Spokane tomorrow and Saturday. I have a devotional book from Women of Faith that I start each day with...and I would love to become a strong Christian women who reaches others the way these women do! Oh, to hear Mandisa sing...that's pretty cool too! And Lisa Whelchel from "Facts of Life"! That is pretty awesome too...but the kicker for me...and I didn't know this until Tuesday night....

The hard work

As a child of a hoarder,I dreamed of the day when I would have an opportunity to clean out my parent"s mess. When it came, however, another shock hit. It is very emotionally draining for everyone involved, including any professionals. No matter how much I believed that I was not attached to my mom's items, or that I didn't understand why it's so hard for her to say goodbye to things...I was deeply moved by the process and Mom's emotions. Others' responses may be different from mine; for some it may make you angry, it may make you sad, it may just leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. At any rate, it will take something from you. But this is not the hard part.

I'll never be a hoarder

Borrowed from Bookshelf Organization at I am preparing to give my first hour long presentation to a group of psychiatric nurse practitioners on hoarding, growing up as a child in the hoard, and what the mission and vision is for the Adult Children of Hoarders recovery group I'm starting here in Spokane. So...I couldn't get a group of pastors or school counselors who aren't so well-versed in matters of mental illness to speak to first? No. Apparently that is not what God has planned.

I Will Not Be Moved

Tonight was the third meeting of Adult Children of Hoarders Spokane. It was highly successful. Still, I was the only member. How was it successful?