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When God Loves Me Too Much to Let Me Get Away With Murder

"Grace saves me from my sin; it does not  remove the consequence of my actions." Have you ever done something that you regretted before you'd even finished doing it? No? It's just me...okay! I'm going to be very real here. I make bad decisions all the time. Well, maybe not all the time, but more often than I'd like to admit. Underneath, I'm really just a haute mess with a little coffee and a lot of Jesus in me! I take comfort in knowing that I'm in good company. Many of the people I admire most, the people who have encouraged and lifted me up are, in fact, also humans who make mistakes, messes, and bad decisions. One of my favorite examples of this human condition I find myself in is David, King David. David's story is inspiring because it wasn't an easy life. As a teenager, he is anointed and named to be the successor of the current king, Saul. But David isn't the son of Saul. But that's

Read This When You Can't Hear God's Voice Anymore

"Hello? Hello? Huh-llo???" I demanded finally through the Bluetooth in my car.  Why wasn't the caller responding to me? Couldn't they hear me? Had they hung up? Or...was it that I simply couldn't hear them ? Technology, like anything else, is as good as our understanding of how it works. FAITH and our relationship with God are exactly the same. I've been there. I'm guessing since you're still reading, you're there right now. You've come before God on your knees, face down, begging Him to reveal something to you. Anything. Just speak!

How God Wants To Use Your Story

I love reading. Even from my youngest years, I could be found with a book in hand. I'd stay up late during high school, not doing homework, but deep in the pages and the story of a good book. I learned back then an interesting thing about books; there's so much more to a book than a single reading can ever give up. Great writers manage to lace symbolism and deep thematic messages into their writing that, upon the first read, might seem to be only "a story." IG: @1weespark I'm learning too that there's so much more to my own story than my first experience of it.