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Hoarding--it's not about the STUFF

Since I've become so open with my childhood and the family secret, I am often asked why all the stuff in the house was so bad. It's easy to look at a pile of boxes and bags sliding down atop the boxes filled with craft supplies and books, and not understand why this was so difficult. Very simply, it's not about the STUFF . Research indicates that almost all those who suffer with hoarding compulsions have another issue--mental illness, or brain injury. Hoarding is not THE issue; it's a physically manifested symptom of an internal problem. My take on it is simple. The stuff does one of two things: 1. The grand chaos of things is a reflection of an internal chaos in the brain. Many of our HPs have an inability to sort in a "normal" way. Instead of overgeneralizing things into groups, hoarders have a tendency toward "over-specification" (My word for everything being too unique to actually be the same as something else. I'm sure there is a more

Flashback Week: "Where there's smoke there must be fire"

Image either the same person read this post over and over and over again...or this was something that struck a chord with others. I'm really hoping it's the latter...although since I got no direct comments, the numbers speak for themselves. (That, or as I've always feared, I have a stalker!) I wrote this back in mid-2010, "Where there's smoke there must be fire" , but thought that since I have picked up new readership, it might be worth it to share it again. Please, just take a moment to drop even an anonymous comment so that I know you're out there...Blessings today!

Flashback Week: "Do I Hoard?"

This week, I'm...well, I'm quite busy travelling with COH awareness things! But, I know that many of you check in regularly, so I didn't want to leave you with blank space. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to read some of the earliest posts I made here. To read " Do I Hoard? " (12/24/2009), click HERE! Enjoy...don't forget to leave a comment or say hi!