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Women of Faith--Follow Up: Counting Your Blessings Prematurely

I'm a bit late writing about my Women of Faith experience, I admit it. The last ten days have been marked with decreased energy and punctuated with a numb mood last night. But through it all, the whole experience of being chosen for a Women of Faith event, thanks to BookSneeze , and being able to invite another woman to enjoy this blessings and the lessons learned over the weekend were immense. I am still pondering them today. I'm going to be very honest about it. I can't normally afford the registration costs for a Women of Faith conference. One of the things you give up when you have a large family is some of the "extras". I knew that going would bless me and take me to another level, but I knew also that I would get there at some point no matter what the path was. That's the thing about God--He will always get you where He wants you when you simply submit.