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I'm a Mess

Recently, I joined a group led by Ariane Benefit , a professional organizer and coach, called " Embracing the Power of Good Enough ." For many, like me, the joy of life is lost as we endeavor to make each moment perfect and maximize each second. For some of us this comes from a past or childhood where we felt we could never measure up, where even our best wasn't quite good enough. I have lived in that place for so long, I have trouble understanding objectively what good enough really is. As part of the program, I volunteered to be coached during a group webinar. For the second week of "Embracing Good Enough," Ariane had challenged us to try two different experiments: 1. to do something without preparation, or the "wrong" way; or 2. to allow the people around us to help us but not to correct or criticize them if their way didn't match our expectation. I decided that where I needed coaching was my expectation--not only of others but of myself. I li