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Dr. Oz Show and hoarding

I was contacted today by one the associate producers on the Dr. Oz Show. Apparently, they are working on yet another episode about hoarding. They are looking for hoarders who would be willing to appear on the show, and I believe that they will provide some sort of after care. If you know someone who is affected and you think might be willing to go on television to talk about it, please send me a private email at: cecilia.garrett at gmail (dot) com. PS. For whatever it's worth, I pushed the COH topic pretty hard without being aggressive. It's the story that's not being told. Eventually, one of these shows--Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah--is going to see that there's another side that needs to be told. Until then, we will advocate for ourselves doggedly. The worst thing in the world is to find another COH who has just found out that they aren't the only ones who grew up in this "foolishness" and "mayhem".

ANNOUNCEMENT: Children of Hoarders Support Group starting in Phoenix/Tempe area

Just thought I would share this info as I know that some of my readers just might be in the right geographical area to have interest: The purpose of the Children of Hoarders Support Group is to offer a safe environment where persons who have been negatively affected by the compulsive hoarding behaviors of their parent or other loved one can receive understanding and be heard without judgment. Further, the educational aspect of the group will furnish members the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn skills to begin their own personal journey of healing. Thanks for checking us out! We now have a meeting place in Tempe. We will meet for 6 consecutive Thursdays starting March 18th. The dates would be March 18 & 25, April 1, 8, 15, & 22. IN ORDER TO GET THE HIGHEST BENEFIT FROM THIS EXPERIENCE; PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND ALL 6 MEETINGS AS THE MATERIAL BUILDS EACH WEEK. What we DO: 1. Learn and practice communication methods that support us in getting our needs met, especially in

Hard-won lessons: Love is a choice

Recently, I was visiting the church I had attended before meeting and marrying my husband. I left, not because I didn't feel like it was a place where I was loved and accepted, but because I believed that God chose my husband for me, and my husband was already a part of another congregation. It was a pride-struggle for me to choose to do what God had ordained, allowing my husband to be the spiritual leader, and going to a church that had not been my "choice". During my visit, Pastor Doug was teaching on Finding True North, and getting a new job. The lesson wasn't intended to encourage us to leave our current workplaces. It was centered on changing our attitudes about the places we worked, the people we worked with, and on how we respond to them. Although I do not have a job (at least, not a paid one), there were lessons that Doug spoke of that were relevant to everyone, not just those working outside the home. The lesson that was most impactful to me was this: We d