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Five Reasons Why I Didn't Take My Life

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. As the month draws to a close, it's my prayer that we not forget the people around us who are silently struggling to justify doing another hard day. May every day be a day where those who have found the strength to do another day find the courage to share their stories. Each one matters. In the midst of a season where it felt like everything that mattered to me--dreams, identity, health--was being ripped from me, I found myself staring into a very deep chasm. Instead of hope, I felt violently overwhelmed. My pain appeared to be spilling over and affecting those I love the most.   Ending this now would save them the burden I'd become, the voice said to me. I could do this. I could keep plodding away through the quicksand. I could keep taking the slow, hard breaths. You could let some of the pain go if you... No. I could not entertain those thoughts.