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One Wee Spark

My sister-in-law commented that I was far from being just one wee I thought perhaps I would explain my choice of that title, and the quote, and what they mean to me. Recently, I finished reading "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge (John is the author of the highly recommended "Wild at Heart" book for men, and this is their companion book written for women--I recommend both!). I began reading the book almost a year ago, and read all but the last two chapters. That was back in the summer. And every single time I tried to pick up the book and read those last two chapters, I just couldn't. I should add here that I am an avid reader. I "eat" books for snacks and can generally finish fiction books in a day or two max. But these non-fiction, look inside your heart, mind and soul books always take me much longer to read. And once I'm done, I generally go back and re-read them, underlining and highlighting sections like crazy! Just a