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"Dirty Little Secrets"--AFTER

Last week, while I was in the SF Bay area, I was able to meet up with an internet friend and author, Cynthia Jaynes Omololu. She wrote "Dirty Little Secrets", a YA novel whose main character is the teenager daughter of a woman affected by a hoarding disorder. The story is beautifully written, and although CJ is not the child of a hoarding-affected parent, she really did the research and talked to COHers to get it right. Next month, DLS comes out in paperback. To celebrate, and perhaps to tease you into reading it again, CJ has put up a chapter looking back and giving readers an update into Lucy's life two years later. I'm not going to tell you more...just suggest that you read the book (again?) and then read the after here . After reading the segment, I had a moment of clarity. Last summer, my family (sans my mother) returned to the DC area for the first time since we moved Mom across the country. During our trip, we made a special trip to drive past the old hou