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Book Review: Free Book, by Brian Tome

Ever thought that God was the great eraser of sin? That the rules couldn’t be lived up to and it didn’t matter because God was going to forgive you anyway? Or perhaps, you believed that God was all about law, pointing out your mistakes and taking away any fun you might be able to have in life? Tome is out to challenge your thoughts on faith and living a real life. Using Biblical concepts, he encourages us to move beyond the status quo and to live an abundant and free life in Christ. Citing Galatians 5:1, "It is for freedom that Christ set us free,” he encourages us to find our way through life: from the Blahs (life as it has always been); to the break (the moment when we decide things have to change and commit to changing); to the blues (when the old way seems better than a new one if for no reason other than comfort in familiarity); and on to the blessings (the life that Christ died to give us). Tome’s style is refreshing to a younger reader looking less for “Bible sp