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Finding peace

I think of myself as being a resilient person. I don't crave spontaneity, I prefer the same-old to change, but I can do both relatively well. But there are some things in my life that I still really struggle with, there are things that keep me upside-down and backwards. Often as a child, after being out with friends or running errands, I would return home and get yelled at for changing my plans, lying, or being late. Most of the times, I had not done anything wrong. Occasionally, a plan would change. My senior year of high school, we changed what restaurant we went to eat at after the homecoming dance. My mother went to the restaurant that we didn't go to, and when I arrived home five minutes late I got an hour's worth of yelling plus I was grounded for what seemed like years. Remember, there were no cellphones back in these days. I was in a group, and we did go to a restaurant. From time to time, I would be like any child and be a few minutes late. I would be grilled

When words fail...

There is little to be said about this clip. This is my daughter, performing what we call expressive worship--signing set to music with other movement/dance. I pray that it moves you the way it moved the students in her middle school.