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The End of an Era

I am going to share something that I wrote on the plane when I flew into DC for the first time last August--not really knowing what my mother's medical condition was, or the condition of her home. It's something that I wrote in the Spirit--meaning, I could not have possibly written it on my own. The style is unique to other writings that I've penned with the help of God, and not my "normal" writing style but I hope that perhaps someone who needs to hear these things will have the opportunity to read it and it will be a springboard as they enter their journey toward healing. I'm posting it now because I am closing the door, ending an era of my life. Part of the recovery process for an adult child is going back and taking account of what really happened--even when the memories are excruciatingly painful, and then feeling that pain. I don't believe that there is a prescribed period for how long this period takes, but for me, God is encouraging me to close th