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Family is like...

In the early morning hours this morning, as I was feeding my beautiful baby girl, I began to ponder the oddity that family is. This week was filled with grief and mourning, but from that sadness came healing and blessing. For the first time in a VERY long time, I was together with a part of my extended family. Sadly, it has taken funerals to get me together with this part of my family. But I won't let it be that way anymore. While sitting dazed, half-awake and half-asleep, it dawned on me. Family is like... FRUITCAKE! *giggling* It didn't sound as odd to say that at 2am, but I think it still fits. Nobody I know MAKES fruitcake. It's just kinda always there for Christmas. And family is kinda like that. We don't really make it, it just is what it is. Most of the time, fruitcake is hard, stale, and un-enjoyable; our families can easily become just that without proper care. Fruitcakes have so many different ingredients, things we might not bring together otherwise. Oh