Research Project: COH, growing up in the hoard

Given the press that is going out today regarding tonight's 20/20 piece on children of hoarders, I thought it would be a great time to share again:

Dr. Suzanne Chabaud-- one of the therapists who specializes in OCD and hoarding, and is regularly a part of "Hoarders"--is conducting a research study on the effects on children who grow up with a hoarding parent. At this point, there has been very little (read...almost none) research on the effects to the family. It would seem easy to say, "Duh...this should be HAS to have an effect...", but science doesn't work that way.

Dr. Chabaud has already done phase one of her research, but the next part is a larger format survey, and she is still actively seeking participants who would be willing to complete an anonymous survey. I hope that YOU will consider being a part of this landmark study.

[I know it might seem science is going to collect this data and drop it neatly on shelf and mark it done. I have met with Dr. Chabaud and can share with great confidence that this information will not sit in a stack of academic journals growing dusty. The point of this research is to put a face and a voice to the issue AND to create resources for COH who have grown up in the hoard, or are growing up there now. Please consider emailing Dr. Chabaud!]


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