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It was six years ago this fall that my mother fell in between the piles of trash, treasures and trinkets in her home, leading to the most difficult season in my life thus far. I wandered through that period with few resources and guides. It wasn't that no one else had been in a similar situation. It was that so many families and individuals were keeping the hoarding secret held so closely and tightly that I did not have access to their knowledge, their experience, their wisdom.

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But no more! More and more families are sharing their secrets and offering advice. My brothers and sisters from the hoard (along with myself) are finding our voices and helping others find their way through these tough situations.

If today you find yourself on the brink of a forced hoarding intervention, or if you simply know that someday you may find yourself there, I hope you will head over and check out this list of questions I've put together. Helping out a parent who hoards in any intervention is extremely challenging. I simply can't stress that enough. I believe that armed with a little forethought, planning, and knowledge it can be easier for you than it was for me!

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Confronting a Hoarding Parent

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