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Remembering the Journey

You know, sometimes it's easy for me to get caught in the negative parts of the
past. I am compassionate, so when I read others' stories of where their parents
are I am swept back into the disaster that was my childhood home and my mother's
nest for so long.

But it's important to stop and look at the more recent parts of the journey.
Although not for everyone, being chosen and able to be a part of "Hoarders" was
a major miracle for me and for my mom. It's been almost one year since my mother
was carted to the hospital with life-and-limb threatening sores on her feet,
deep in depression, delusional from infection.

And when I stop and really think back to this time last summer...

I stand amazed and blessed and shocked at the wonder of all that has changed!

No, my mother didn't magically become Martha Stewart with neatly organized
cubbies throughout her room and "a home for everything and everything in its
home". Yes, the idea that form follows function and…