BAGA: Part Two

Today, I'm preparing to meet with a member of the local news station to share my personal story of recovery. A friend encouraged me to reach out more to the media to help promote the local group. At first, I balked at the idea. I was afraid the focus would become me, and not the group.

I decided to reach out to the local press anyways.

Here's the thing about great actresses; they have to get out there to be discovered. A great actress is not offered a starring role while waiting tables in some po-dunk town in the midwest, hoping that someone will notice her. Maybe models are discovered that way, but truly great actors and actresses have to step out, work on their skills, and audition, audition, audition.
Ingrid, borrowed from Classicfilmboy's blog

So today, I'm going on an promote a journey to becoming a great actor or actress in each of our own lives.

I'm a little nervous, but I know from singing that nerves can sometimes be a good thing. They keep you humble. Wherever you are in your journey today, don't let anxiety or nerves stop you. They may humble you and keep you grounded, but don't give in to fear.

Your journey--your daily auditions--are ways to hone your craft, your life. Make mistakes. Choose bad roles. And learn from your mistakes. We can each do this with practice, practice, practice!

~~As a side note, if you are enjoying the posts about becoming a great actress, please RT the blog ( and comments using #greatactress. Ingrid, above, was an aspiring actress from a young age although her father wanted her to become an opera singer. She didn't give up or give in to his hopes for her life. She is one of the most celebrated actresses in the history of Hollywood. 


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