A Startling Thought

Two nights ago, during my quiet time with my Daddy, I read a devotion. The gist of the devotion was this:

If I knew Jesus were in the next room praying for me, I would not doubt or be afraid. But regardless of the distance, I know Jesus is praying for me.

This really struck me.
See, I'd love to say that I believe that, but I forget. I feel led and called to do something, but then I worry about funding, logistics, others. I worry needlessly. Boy, am I good at worrying!

In John 17, Jesus prays for His followers--His twelve apostles as well as future believers. (John 17:20) So as He was in the garden praying over 2000 years ago, He was praying for me and for you. He continues to pray for us. I believe that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; that means if He prayed for us then, He is still praying for us now.

But I struggle with believing and trusting that. Why? Because I can't see it.

Last night, I was reading again from John and happened upon the retelling of Jesus' appearances to the Apostles after His resurrection. Thomas, of doubting faith, could not believe what he could not see. My gut reaction to this has always been, "How could he not believe what they told him? Why would they make this up?" And yet, I realized that I am like Thomas every single day.

Every day that I forget that Jesus is a real and active part of my life. He is aware of me, my struggles, my needs, and even my desires. He fires a passion within me for His people in harmony with my personality and strengths. He provides for my needs.  My inability to see Him sitting in the next room praying for me should not change my belief and reliance upon Him. But so often, it does.

"Then Jesus told him, 'You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.'" (John 20:29)

Honestly, I want to be blessed...by believing without seeing. Fortunately, Jesus knows me enough to understand how difficult that is. And He sends me signs of His love and care every day. I only have to look for them.

So today, I'm going to keep my eyes open to see Jesus' hand showing me that He is here--whether in the beauty of a snowflake, or the giggle of my baby girl. And I will let those reminders keep me aware that He is here praying for me. I have no need to be afraid or worry. He cared enough to send me a reminder...wouldn't He take care of much bigger needs?


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