I challenge you...

I challenge each and every one of you to do this! Just follow the steps below...we can have a voice...for free!

Enter your zipcode.

2. Click on a provider's name. In my example, I used zipcode 99205, and chose Michael Chessar Counseling Services. This took me to his listing page, where I clicked on the link:

"Email us" under contact info.

This will open a new page.

3. Enter your name (If you are concerned about being identified...you can use the standard format from recovery groups--for me, Ceci G).

Use of email address and phone number are encouraged, but at your discretion.

4. I've written this simple script with bit.ly links to the research article and the online table of questions. You can change it if you want:

I'm adult child who was raised in a hoarded home. I live in your area, and yet, I feel invisible. Did you know that a research study has been conducted about adult-children of hoarders? You can read an article written by the head researcher, Dr. Chabaud, at:
Here is a link to the table of questions mentioned in the article: 
Please take the time to read about this. Consider learning more about hoarding and the effects to the family. Share this information with your colleagues.
This mental illness is not new, but we are just finding our voices. Thank you for letting me share this with you!

5. Send this to five to ten mental health providers in your area. This costs nothing but a little time, but it helps give us a voice around the country.

I dare you to do this! Join me???



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