Tomorrow--Women of Faith in Spokane!

So I know you're probably on the verge of being sick of hearing about it, but I am so incredibly excited to have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Women of Faith Over The Top conference here in Spokane tomorrow and Saturday. I have a devotional book from Women of Faith that I start each day with...and I would love to become a strong Christian women who reaches others the way these women do!

Oh, to hear Mandisa sing...that's pretty cool too! And Lisa Whelchel from "Facts of Life"! That is pretty awesome too...but the kicker for me...and I didn't know this until Tuesday night....

Yes, that's right...the one and only Amy Grant will be singing there too!

All of this is really unimportant to the BIG thing that is going to happen...God is going to change women's lives tomorrow and Saturday. I am already tingly with anticipation of how the Spirit is going to fall, and the healing and blessings that will poured out. Because we know that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!

So...look for me to post on Twitter (@1WeeSpark) and on Facebook tomorrow...with thoughts, pics, and whatever else shiny catches my eye! I'm so excited I'm probably not going to sleep a wink! 

Thanks for this opportunity, BookSneeze!


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