ONE WEEK! Women of Faith in Spokane!

Next Friday, Women of Faith will be in Spokane! I am so very excited about this! (I'm jumping up and down like a hyper three year old who is about to get the best present ever...I know you can't see it...just imagine it!)

I am following Woman of Faith on Facebook, although honestly, I have tried not to read too much because I want to bask in the experience and not have any preconceived ideas. In high school, I often went on youth retreats and conferences, and I never came back from one the same as when I left. I always grew in the Lord in some manner, and I have the same expectation for next week's Women of Faith Conference.

This hasn't been a tough year, but we all have times when we need refreshing and renewing in the Word, in the Spirit, in God. I am so ready for this!

In case you're on the's a sneak peek video...I strongly encourage you to get to a Women of Faith conference.
I promise to let you all know what the experience was like when it's over. It may take me a day or two to get my voice and focus stomach's going to ache from laughing, my eyes may be swollen from crying, I will likely have red hands from clapping, but I'm going to feel so good!

Oh...and even more February 2012, the Revolve tour (for tweens and teen girls!) will be in Spokane too! Check out that information here!


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