Back To School

My kids are all headed back to school for another year today...well, not ALL of the kids. The BusyBears are both too young for school...but the process of getting the kids school supplies, finding out what their schedules look like, and generally adapting our day-to-day routine made me think of my own childhood/school years.

I was often teased at school. I was teased about my clothes (I wore hand-me-downs from cousins who were six to eight years old than I...very far from fashionable!). I was teased about my size from middle school on, although in hindsight, I think those girls should have been shot...I was far from overweight or even obese! And I was teased for my values. My mother's rigid black-and-white thinking failed me in public school. I often repeated things she had said at just the right moment to offend someone.

But I survived all those years. I'm here now, and as a parent, I fear that my children will be teased. I find comfort in knowing that their home life is far more stable than what I came from, that they are surrounded by a family of faith that prays for and over them, and the knowledge that no matter what...this too shall pass.

I prepare my children to be kind, loving, accepting, and encouraging. My prayer is that if they meet with something besides that, that will still know that they have value...and will not retaliate.

And ironically, I loved going back to school! It was an escape from too much stuff at home!

Welcome back, students! Best of luck, courageous children!

How's the transition to the school year going at your home?


Anonymous said…
You are so honest. I love reading your blogs. :-)

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