ABC's 20/20 TOMORROW night: Children of Hoarders

Obviously, I am excited by the ABC 20/20 segment coming up tomorrow night! Jessie Sholl, the author of "Dirty Secret"--a memoir about growing up with a hoarding parent (HP) and I have become friend "virtual friends" via Facebook and the Children of Hoarders website and related Yahoo! group. Also, Jason Brunet (Three Ninjas' musician and son of "Hoarders" participant, Augustine) will be featured on the segments.

Slowly but surely, our story--the story of what happens when children grow up with stuff that is more important than they are, with parents whose mental health isn't just quite there, whose homes are filthy, cluttered, and sometimes infested--is being shared. I personally believe that without shows like "Hoarders" and "Hoarding: Buried Alive", the public would not be ready or willing to hear our stories.

Our stories are not neat and tidy; they are not fairy tales; they are not pretty; they stink, they invoke a desire to vomit, and to run home and throw away as many things as possible. And yet, I am honored to be counted among these COHs (children of hoarders) because they have something fantastic, strong, and beautiful within them:

They are strong survivors, intelligent and resourceful.

It's been said that what doesn't break us makes us stronger. Very cliche, I know...but in this case, so true!

Please, tune in to ABC Friday evening at 10PM EDT/9PM CDT (check listings locally), or DVR it if you have big Friday night plans. And if you're in Spokane and realize...hey, I'm a COH...

Join us Tuesday night at 7pm for a peer-to-peer recovery/support group!


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