To be revealed at a later time...

Romans 8:18-21

For years I've watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with deep interest. Given my background, I've always been awed by beautiful "perfect" homes. And nothing is as satisfying as watching a home that is falling apart be torn down, and a new home rebuilt in just seven short days.

There is so much symbolism in this to the Christian faith--our lives without faith and hope are like the sad little houses that these families pray will survive just another day. And when we have a spiritual awakening, it's like someone or something comes in to tear down the shambles our lives have become, and then after a short period of time, something magical happens--we find that there is strength and beauty within the horrible trials and tragedies we've faced.

It's as though we have been living life, pressing through but not thriving, only for the best of us to be revealed at a later time...

If only it took just seven short days to remake a life!

But in faith, we can believe that a change can be immediate and life-changing. It can be all encompassing. We may fail or stumble at times. Our new life may need repairs along the way. No matter how well built a new home is, at some point it requires maintenance and repairs.

And that's okay. We have been promised that God will stay with us, even until the end of days. He will make any necessary repairs with the help of the Holy Spirit, and will keep us maintained in His Word and by prayer.

And I can't wait to see exactly what this little insignificant life will be when it is fully revealed someday. I hope for the transformation of strength and beauty that only God can do in my life.

What about you?


I love HGTV for the very same reasons from my own childhood. As a child I collected photos of beautiful rooms from home decorating magazines. Now I finally have one!

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