THURSDAY: AWARENESS DAY--Adult Children of Hoarders Spokane

It's been announced elsewhere already, but this is the first official announcement of the new support/recovery group for children of hoarders (COH) in the Spokane area. It will begin on Tuesday, August 9th and meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month thereafter.

It will meet at 5025 N. Market in Hillyard from 7:00pm until 8:30pm.

Here is a brief description of what I found in myself that needed reworking:

HOUSE RULES—Broken laws from childhood:
(Adapted from “The Laundry List” of ACA WSO)

1. Be afraid, very afraid and stay away from people, especially authority figures.

2. It's safer to make others happy than risk having a need; our identity isn't that important anyway.

3. I'll do anything to keep you from yelling or getting angry with me, and please don't criticize me.

4. We often become like our parents, marry people who are like them, or find another compulsive/obsessive personality because we are terrified of being left behind.

5. We've learned to be victims and we're attracted by that weakness in all our relationships.

6. Everything is our responsibility or fault; we care for others because it's easier than looking at our own faults.

7. If I stand up for myself, I will die from the guilt of hurting or inconveniencing others.

8. We became addicted to fear, excitement, or drama and are uncomfortable when things are smooth sailing.

9. We confuse love with pity and tend to choose unhealthy relationships because we can pity or rescue, or think we can.

10. Feelings aren't safe. I don't have to feel that. Denial is better than pain, even if it costs me happiness.

11. I am my own worst critic; I shouldn't try because I'll just fail. I'm good for nothing.

12. I'd rather let you make me feel bad, hurt me, or use me than to risk losing your love and facing abandonment. I'll do anything if you will just stay.

13. I react instead of acting; I don't have much ownership of life and my choices. I can only react to what you've done.

If you're in the Spokane area, and this sounds like you, please join us!

For more info, please email:
or call: 509-434-8874


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