Stuff...and the anxiety it causes me

I'm confident that this is a side effect of "growing up in the hoard," but I have a special love/hate relationship with things. I would "love" to have some things that I don't, and I hate having as much as I do. But I'm not a hoarder, and really, my home is typical of most American homes. But I hate having things that don't have a purpose.

For instance, I have a few "knick knacks" around the house, but they don't do anything--they don't even have memories attached to them. I feel like I'm abnormal if I don't have these things, and yet having to dust them when they just sit there and "look pretty" is irritating.

I am definitely a minimalist at heart. I love IKEA. I call their showroom my happy place. I want simple, intentional design.

But at special events--birthdays and holidays--shopping for me is maddening. I say this because I have another birthday coming up and my hubby is once again asking me what I want. And I look at him frustrated because I know there is NO thing that will make my day special. I'd love an iPad, but I know that it is a thing that will give me very short term satisfaction and instead will become something I curse before long. I have no need for more jewelry, and I'm the pickiest clothing shopper around.

How do you ask for memories??? I want memories that are so awesome I want to write them down and record them for all posterity. That's what I want. That gives me no anxiety and I know I will not decide some day down the line when the level of stuff around causes me anxiety (as it is today) to get rid of those writings, pictures and the memory.

I have NO things on my fire list. NO things in life are that important to me. My memories are always with me, and my family is the most important part of my life that can't be replaced. just stuff, and most of it is just junk.


I've always encouraged people to give an "experience" rather then give a physical item. A gift certificate to the Spa, or pass to the zoo, or amusement park for the family. This creates happy memories and not one more thing to sit around and manage.

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