Flashback Week: "Where there's smoke there must be fire"

Okay...so either the same person read this post over and over and over again...or this was something that struck a chord with others. I'm really hoping it's the latter...although since I got no direct comments, the numbers speak for themselves. (That, or as I've always feared, I have a stalker!)

I wrote this back in mid-2010, "Where there's smoke there must be fire", but thought that since I have picked up new readership, it might be worth it to share it again.

Please, just take a moment to drop even an anonymous comment so that I know you're out there...Blessings today!


Sidney said…
Rock and roll, Ceci! You are really something. But after last weekend, I hope you realize that.

Unknown said…
I think this is going to be a hit. Personally I have been in a fire, so its important that people are aware of the dange with fire and smoke. Good luck Ceci
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Unknown said…
Your on fire Ceci. Keep up the good work you are doing!

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