Can you believe it's already Thursday again? I can't! June has flown by!

Mental illness still carries a heavy stigma. Even with the wealth of research and information that is available, there still seems to be an archaic view that those who have mental illnesses are "crazy", "paranoid", "social outcasts".

Those of us who have a parent who hoards have spent our lives in the midst of untreated mental health issues. We know how unfair the stigma is, and how devastating the effects an untreated mental health issue can be to everyone who comes into contact with the person who is affected.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is a national organization which advocates for those affected by serious mental illnesses. They raise money for research, offer education and support programs, and best of all...they may be in your neighborhood!

Their website,, is a great place to find information about different disorders too! Check them out, and consider raising funds for their organization in one of their annual walks!


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