Shameless Promotion: Dirty Money--Pilot

My good friend, Matt Paxton, the owner of Clutter Cleaner has a new project! This Saturday, June 18th at 1pm EST (check your local listings) on A&E his new show, "Dirty Money" will air.

Matt is one of those rare guys who feels like family after five minutes. He's seen ups and downs in his own life, and he's real about it. According to his blog, 5 Decisions Away, this show will highlight his less serious side. Having filmed with him over four days, I've seen this side! And he is a total crack up!

[Insert funny story which Matt would never speak to me about here!]

Such a bummer that I can't share...but I look forward to seeing him and the Clutter Cleaner crew. This is a PILOT, so if you want to see Matt MORE, please watch!


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