Blessings, or Mercies in Disguise

Something happened today that I never really believed would ever happen. It's been a long, long path to this day, this moment...but today all the tears, heartbreak, shame, pain, and sleepless nights paid off.

My mom and I sat in the counselor's office and realized that we almost have worked through the past enough to be "healthy" in a relationship together. We laughed, we shared dreams, and she gave me her blessing to tell the truth--the whole truth and nothing but the truth--as I go to reach out and help others in similar situations. I am not afraid to tell my mother the truth anymore.

I realized today as we spoke, I felt no anxiety or panic rising up in my gut as I spoke my truth. She heard me. She understood. She is willing to see me, my reality, and accept it was different than what she saw.

And I am too.

And as I sit here thankful, pondering this moment that I once believed was not even a good fairytale, I'm reminded of a song that really moves me, "Blessings" by Laura Story.

This is the kind of freedom from the past I long for. And I have it now. What a wonderful blessing, even if it came in bits and pieces, in disguise.


MetroZing said…
Feeling validated and at peace with oneself - what wonderful feelings. I'm so happy for both of you. Wishing you and your mother much continued success on your journey.
Ceci G. said…
Thank you, Geralin! I am confident that we will hit snags along the way, but I know that we are both committed to creating better lives for ourselves, each other, and our relationship together. blesses me so much to know you read my "One Wee Spark" blog entries!

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