My name is...My birthday is...

Earlier today, I overheard an amusing conversation between my three-year-old daughter and my husband. It went something like this.

"My name is Busy."

"I know; I gave you that name."

"My birthday is..."

"I know; I was there."

It was humorous to hear her inform her daddy of these things because she was so adamant in sharing it as though he were a complete stranger and not someone who played such a large role in her being from before her birth!

And it made me think about how I act when I come before my Heavenly Father.

"I am Ceci; I'm a mother, and I'm the adult daughter of a hoarder who is also mentally ill; I'm a wife but I've been bruised by divorce. I wasn't planned, but I was born on..."

And I hear my Daddy looking down in love saying,

"I know! I was there before you were born. I knew who you would become; I knew what obstacles you would face. I chose you and I knew before you knew yourself. And I was there before your days began...I've had a plan just for you since before time began."

I've been struggling with some pride issues the past couple of days. But I'm being reminded, gently and lovingly, that my Daddy loves me, knows me, and has a mighty plan for me. Sometimes I forget that His will, His ways are better than my own. Sometimes it takes a conversation between a 3-year-old and her daddy to give me back my perspective.

Psalm 139:13-15
Jeremiah 1:5
Luke 4:18-19


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