A Mother's Day Blessing

Today I am reminded of the blessings I've been showered with over the past couple of years. First, I have been given beautiful children who continue to teach me the meaning of grace and forgiveness. This has been such a blessing to me as I worked out my past and let go of bitterness and my own unforgiving spirit.

Second, I have been blessed with the opportunity to heal and build a new relationship with my own mother. Part of me truly believed that it was not possible to have a new beginning. But we do!

We're on our way to see my mom and spend some time with her on this Mother's Day. I hope to give you just enough hope to NOT GIVE UP even if your relationship with your mother, or with your children, is or has been strained. As long as you are all still living, hope remains. Happy Mother's Day!

PS. Apparently, if you want to send your mom flowers...you can still do so in some markets via FTD (whose picture I borrowed above)!


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