Dr. Oz Show and hoarding

I was contacted today by one the associate producers on the Dr. Oz Show. Apparently, they are working on yet another episode about hoarding. They are looking for hoarders who would be willing to appear on the show, and I believe that they will provide some sort of after care.

If you know someone who is affected and you think might be willing to go on television to talk about it, please send me a private email at: cecilia.garrett at gmail (dot) com.

PS. For whatever it's worth, I pushed the COH topic pretty hard without being aggressive. It's the story that's not being told. Eventually, one of these shows--Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah--is going to see that there's another side that needs to be told. Until then, we will advocate for ourselves doggedly.

The worst thing in the world is to find another COH who has just found out that they aren't the only ones who grew up in this "foolishness" and "mayhem".


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